Corona Remedies Private Limited

We got the opportunity to create the gigantic illuminated sign for Corona Remedies, a scale which acts as a landmark for the passers-by. Many dimensions were taken into consideration during the pre-production stage. The company’s logo is circular in shape and so we had to design a fabrication that can sustain the huge size – considering the long-distance visibility available on both sides of the road, it was decided to install 24ft diameter logo on both sides. Once the scale is locked, comes various other decisions like installation details, channel letter type, LED colour tone, Sign design etc. Every aspect was furnished to a tee and the final result is out there to see. In client words they are ‘200%’ satisfied with the final installation.

The project included two other signs – one on the security cabin which serves as the Identity sign for the facility and other a non-lit reception sign for internal branding purpose. Find below the details of each Sign.

1 – Rooftop Sign
Size: 24ft diameter, Product: Trim Cap FaceLit Channel Letter Sign on Perforated ACP sheet Background, Resource: Rooftop Installation

2 – Sign atop Security Cabin
Size: 24′ x 3′, Product: ACP BackLit, Resource: Surface Mount

3 – Reception Sign
Size: 2’3″ dia.
Product: Non-illuminated Acrylic Letter
Resource: Surface Mount with Double Side Tape.

Corona Remedies Private Limited