Backlit – Pylon

This method of installation helps direct the visitors to the brand’s location, particularly useful when a business is not clearly seen from a complex’s entrance.

Backlit – Surface Mount

Flush/Surface mounted signs are attached directly to any surface using the appropriate fasteners/screws.

Backlit – Unipole

These are freestanding Sign with a visible support structure; if the pole is single, it is called a Unipole.

Backlit – Hanging

Interior spaces with moderate to high footfalls require Signs for internal branding and information dissemination. Establishments like Malls, Airports, Railway Stations, Corporate offices, Townships etc require such signs. Here the Sign is mounted from the ceiling using specific hardware like a chain or a pipe/rod.

Backlit – MS Fabrication

This method is used to elevate the Sign from the base surface, be it ground level, rooftop, building facade.

Backlit Metal Cut – with raisers

Back-lit Metal Cut sign is installed with spacers to give a ‘halo’ effect to the Sign.

Backlit Metal Cut – without raisers

Back-lit Metal Cut sign is flush/surface mounted and attached directly to the background surface

BackLit – Custom Installation

Many Brands/Sign specifications require special installation methods to achieve the designers vision. Also many site conditions need specific customisation, we are equipped to execute Custom Installations of diverse kinds.