Info Sign – Surface Mount

Flush/Surface mounted signs are attached directly to any surface using the appropriate screws/tape/raiser/stud.

Info Sign – Hanging

Interior spaces with moderate to high footfalls require Signs to help walkers in way finding. Establishments like Malls, Airports, Railway Stations, Corporate offices, Townships etc require such signs. Here the Sign is mounted from the ceiling using specific hardware like a chain or a pipe/rod.

Info Sign – Flag Style

Flag mount signs are ideal for showcasing departments in your facility from lobby/passage, providing directional guidance to customers, or making an impact on the exterior of your property with a unique, innovative look.

Info Sign – Road Side

These self standing structures are needed in buildings/township/factories with multiple tenants/developers/departments. This Sign can help customers/employees navigate your business by pointing them to specific departments within the location.

Info Sign – Gantry

Motorway Gantry Signs (overhead signage), Gantries display a framework of signage that gives directions as well as Advertisement messages. Overhead Gantry signs are of great impact on high-traffic & busy stretches of motorway.

Info Sign – Highway

Free standing structures installed using MS Fabrication, Reflective decal and Aluminium/Composite surfaces. This has multi-functions. It is used to display long range distances of the desired locations and also has space for the marking of the logo of the desired private company or organisation. Traffic signs are utilized as a method of warning and guiding drivers, helping to regulate the flow of traffic among vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles and others who travel the streets, highways and other roadways.

Info Sign – Custom Installation

Many Projects/Sign specifications require special installation methods to achieve the designers vision. Also many site conditions need specific customisation, we are equipped to execute Custom Installations of diverse kinds.