Tomato’s Diner, Nadiad

Tomato’s is one of the most popular diners in Gujarat. It has multiple outlets in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Rajkot. The ambience and interior design of Tomato’s relies heavily on pop graphics and dazzling neon. This project involved massive customization and improvisation to make the graphics come alive. While crafting the signs we ensured that both the day view and night view (when illumination is turned on) should do justice to the designs and has to add to the attractiveness of the outlet.

The massive facade has sign that is a mix of text and graphics. We used a combination of various media to create the desired impact and effect. All of these is highly efficient and durable. The indoors of Tomato’s are dazzling. And being a cult place, bright visuals and neon art plays a big role in making the place experiential. We introduced 3d printed letters in this project, and result is extremely welcoming. We shifted from traditional glass tube neon to the new-age LED Neon flex, retaining the look and yet meeting modern safety and energy standards. It is always a delight to work on Tomato’s diner signs. We appreciate the importance the brand owners give to signs & graphics, thus creating a unique out-of-home experience of their patrons.

Tomato's Diner, Nadiad