HCG Hospitals Sign Board, CIMS Hospital Sign Board

5 reasons why Signage is a sound investment

Sign boards are vital to the prosperity of the brand.  They are probably one of the main non-verbal modes of communication, that promotes the brand 24 x 7. Not only do they add a visual appeal to the brand name, they work as an inanimate salesperson of the brand. It gives the first impression of the company to its potential customers.

5 reasons why you should invest in a Signage

We list down 5 significant points that explains why signage is a sound investment :

Round the clock Advertisement

Signs are the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising. And, being installed for public display, they advertise the company/brand every minute of the day and all around the year. Signs also render a personality to your company. People often evaluate a company by their brand name and sign. So, if your logo is attractive enough to your customers, you will observe an increase in their traction.


Signs give a face to your company. It becomes easier for your customers to recognize your brand from a clutter of other companies on the street. Restaurants and Fuel Stations often put up huge sign boards on the highways to inform the passing by customers about their location.

HCG Hospitals Sign Board, CIMS Hospital Sign Board
HCG Hospitals Sign Board, CIMS Hospital Sign Board

Gives voice to your brand

The International Sign Association says, “Your sign is your voice on the street”, and rightfully so. You can communicate your message or moto quite effectively with a sign. Whether your outlet is placed inside a mall or on high-street, it confronts thousands of passer-by every day. A good sign ensures that the brand earns recall value among its potential customers.

Increase Sales

Multiple surveys are conducted in the United States to understand the impact of sign boards. Most of which would hold true for any market across the world. The Small Business Association, a United States government agency, has evaluated that an average company receives 50 per cent of their sales due to signage. FedEx conducted a survey which concluded that 68 per cent of customers bought a product after signage caught their attention. Also, 8 out of 10 customers revealed that they were lured to enter the store for the first time due on the signs.

some recent projects by Elite Signs
some recent projects by Elite Signs

Aesthetic enhancement

Signs can also be used to improve the appearance of your company or shop. They are an efficient embellishment and fulfil multiple objectives. You have a wide range of options for colours and themes on which you can design your signs. You can install illuminated signs or non-illuminated sign boards which makes your brand more visually appealing.

In conclusion, signs help you plant your brand firmly into people’s minds. They are an extremely viable investment option which fulfils multiple necessities for your company’s development. Even with advent of New Media and Digital technologies, it is the sign board that has not lost its importance. At Elite Signs, we understand this requirement and through our range of products, ensure that the essence of client’s brand is well communicated to the audience through our signs.