Channel letters : The most impact-making sign option

As we all  know signage plays an important role in promotion of any business. It works as a 24×7 advertising agent, as a spokesperson of a company and a noteworthy aesthetic addition to the retail ambience.

And one of the most efficient, reasonable and durable options for your signage is, certainly, the Channel Letters. They are one of the most elegant mediums and have been extensively adopted by multinational companies and brands all across the globe.

But before getting into the specifications and advantages of Channel Letters, let’s understand what they are.

What are Channel Letters ?

Channel Letters are three dimensional segmented signage that are made of individual letters that seem to pop out of the wall. They could be illuminated with Neon or LED lights and are forged from heavy-duty materials, like Galvanised Metal, Acrylic, Brass, Steel, Pre-Coated Metallic Sheets or, the most popularly one, rust-proof aluminium.

Channel Letters have been popularized in India by international brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway and various more. At Elite Signs we have the facility to fabricate and install top quality Channel Letter signs, for diverse applications.

Advantages of Channel Letters

1. Energy Efficient

With the introduction of LED, Channel Letters have become exceptionally energy efficient, as they save upto 40 per cent energy consumption in comparison to its neon counterpart while illuminating the signs even brighter. They also have a longer life and require very low maintenance. The parts of these letters can be easily demounted, making cleaning them a very breezy job.

2. Customisation freedom

Due to the high malleability of the substances used in making them, it opens the doors towards a high possibility of creativity. You can mould them into any shape or size, give them any colour you desire, or could even go with a combination of different materials, like acrylic and aluminium as depicted.

At Elite Signs, we have a wide range of options for Channel Letters that you can go with, such as LED letters, Button/Dotted LED letters, Slim letters, Metal letters, Metal Edge letters, Trim Cap letters, and various others. (Find all options here Click)

3. Higher durability

Additionally to the extreme light weight and malleability of aluminium and Galvanised metal, it also makes for a very durable material. It can withstand rain, direct sunlight, freezing weather, and harsh climates. It is easier to maintain them in comparison to other mediums.

In conclusion, Channel Letters provide you imaginative freedom, as well as, an opportunity to be more efficient with your signage. And at Elite Signs, we understand this basic requirement of our customers and try to provide a finished product which befits the personality of their company.