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Transforming Brands into Landmarks: the Elite Signs approach to Sign Craft

For every marketer, the goal is to enhance the intrinsic value of their Brand. Multiple strategies are employed to achieve this goal with Signage being a vital part of the plan. A well-made sign provides a)Visibility, b)Visual reference and c)Physical form to a brand, thus adding life and vibrancy to the identity.


Image Source: TCS Global

A recent video, showcasing the majestic TCS (Tata Consultancy Services by TATA) Sign installed at the height of 105 meters in the middle of the Paris Business District has caught the imagination of marketers and online content consumers. It has brought to fore the significance of well-installed Sign, and its ability to generate influence beyond any measurable units.

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At Elite Signs, we have always believed in Sign’s potential to impact a brand’s value. Our focus is to enhance each of the critical variables of a good Sign – Design, Craft, Technology and Installation – to create impact generating signs that become part of the city’s skyline and collective memory for years. Over the last four decades, we have installed Signs of varying size and scale, a bevy of glorious signs that have shaped Ahmedabad’s skyline. Many of these signs require installation and fabrication expertise because their positioning has a significant bearing on its final impact. And Elite Signs has demonstrated this capability to the tee.


The consistent strength of Elite Signs has been its Sign engineering capabilities. Many things have changed with evolving technological landscape – illumination source, materials, crafting equipment, etc. – Elite Signs has always used all available resources to create a long-lasting Signage. This innovation capability has helped Elite Sign deliver satisfying Sign installations over these many years.

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For instance, the Signage of ‘Mayflower Women’s Hospital’ near the busy Topi Circle in Ahmedabad. The Sign was installed nearly 20 years back, during the heydays of Neon. The massive and elegant illuminated Sign lends identity to the entire stretch of the road. The sign is recently refurbished with new material, and new-age LED light source, the two versions, though distinct in technology continue to charm the passer by’s with the same effect. Take the example of LED Signboard of CIMS Hospital. The location of the hospital did not give them visibility from the busy highway. The Sign solution had to create long-distance visibility and enhance the recall value of the hospital brand. The result is a gigantic MS fabrication, covering almost 4600 sq. ft, that provides the backdrop for the illuminated channel letter sign. Our Sign engineering experience, coupled with civil and structural understanding and skilled workforce, helped deliver one of Gujarat’s biggest Illuminated installation on a privately held property.

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We are privileged for our clients’ continuing trust, and we take pride in our ability to transform a brand into a cherished landmark.