Ordering Sign in the #NewNormal: Elite Signs leads the way in touchless sign decision process

Gone are the days, when ‘Digital’ was one among many of the means to communicate. We the human race have entered into the era where ‘Digital’ is at the forefront of nearly every social interaction.  Building upon its position of the segment leader, Elite Signs steps up its Digital interaction channels and creates a process whereby almost 80% of Sign decision process is carried out online.

Signs are an integral part of global commerce. Even during the tough times of lockdown, and the initial Unlock phases, Signs continued to provide businesses with noticeability. As businesses are experimenting with new operating and administrative process, at Elite Signs we unveil strategies to help brand managers and sign specifiers make uninterrupted purchase decisions for Customised Sign solutions without any need for the physical contact point. These ‘New’ ways and means to communicate and take decisions, are efficient and sustainable.

Here we look at these initiatives in detail.

Elitesigns.in - An easy-to-use website

Elitesigns.in – An easy-to-use website 

Choosing the right Sign and installation method is a crucial step in a brand’s marketing roll out. Also, due to the physical nature of the medium, reversing the decision is not a viable option. And so, traditionally sign specifiers, brand managers and Sign makers spend a lot of time in discussions before finalising a Sign installation. At Elite Signs, we wanted to bring about a shift and take this entire process online. We started by breaking down the whole process into 5 key steps:

Key steps of Sign Decision :

1. Choosing the Sign Type

Based on the Brand manager’s brief and the company’s overall marketing objectives, a suitable Sign type is chosen. In the realm of custom signages, there are multiple ways to craft a Sign, and so this is the first and most crucial step. We have a wide range of Sign types, complete with all details showcased on our product pages. Extremely easy to use.

Channel Letters

2. Viewing reference images

As mentioned earlier, since Sign is a physical installation, a buyer wants to be doubly sure about their choice. In Custom signs having a dummy, the product is not an option. And so Elite Signs has carefully created a library of reference images that can enhance the Sign decision process. Each product detail page has sufficient reference images for viewing.

3. Choosing the installation style

The variables of logotype, Sign Type, and Site specifications each Sign has to have an installation style. Correct installation style provides the maximum impact and low maintenance. Based on our years of experience we have identified the key installation styles for each Sign category. This helps the user to visualise the look of their signage.

4. Getting Insights on Sign Systems 

At Elite Signs we document some of our significant installations and design thoughts, which can be a resource material for those seeking excellence in Sign design. A host of articles on trending concepts, new installations and much more available here.

5. Making a detailed enquiry

Last but not least is the actual process of enquiring. Sharing of correct information helps us prepare the most optimum technical & commercial proposal. Our 10 step detailed enquiry is a simple and efficient way to enquire.

Making a detailed enquiry

Once these 5 steps are processed, the technical and commercial discussions can happen on a Video call or Tele Call. If required, a recce of the site is carried out by expert. Once this is done, we are ready to close the deal and get on with the Sign manufacturing, with almost NIL physical interactions!!

We have been in this industry since long and choosing the RIGHT SIGN was never so easy, elitesigns.in does the trick.

Business Whatsapp +91 95864 81098 : For quick turn-arounds

Many times the Sign buying team needs instant access and quick turn-around to queries while in-between meetings or at the site. To serve this need, we have a fully developed Business Whatsapp page. You can easily view our entire range of products on WhatsApp. You can send us enquiries just at the click of a button. Our website and other physical marketing material have buttons/QR codes which instantly takes you to our WhatsApp enquiry.

WhatsApp enquiry

The industry very well receives these initiatives. Our clientele is happy to shift to this new process, and they are acknowledging the efficiency, agility and safety of touch-less interaction. And this is not enough. At Elite Signs, we believe in continuous updation; so we have a robust digital engagement plan, through which all the updates and information is made available across all major social media on a regular basis.

Send us an enquiry on elitesigns.in and experience the advantages yourself.