How retailers can make the most of shopping season

Festive season is on and all of us at Elite Signs take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with much fervour and it marks the beginning of shopping season, that lasts till end of February, in Gujarat. The celebration of lights signifies victory of good over evil or knowledge over ignorance and families in India consider this time of the year as the most auspicious period to initiate new projects and to get new belongings at home. Elite Signs will tell you how each retailer can make this period as not only the most happening but also the most productive time of the year.

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Sign Board – a retailers ultimate advertising medium

The festival of light should reflect its charm on your retail shop too. The Signboard is like a first impression of the shop. As a person is appropriately dressed and well adorned with fresh fragrances, and a bright smile to leave an everlasting impression on others, the Sign Board is an opportunity for your business to leave the first positive mark on the customers. When a consumer is welcomed with a clean, easily legible, bright and well-crafted signage outside the shop, he carries the same impression of sophistication while entering the premises. Many international research has shown that Sign Board is the ultimate and most efficient advertising medium for a retailer. The rest depends on the hospitality, presentation and products.

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Sign Board serves every retail segment

During festive season, attracting a walk-in is of prime importance. On high streets or in malls, various brands are vying for customer attention. At this point a well made and nicely lit sign can do wonders for all retailers. Footwear shops, clothing and apparel sellers, electric outlets, jewellery showrooms, home decor and furniture stores and sweet marts are the ones who can make the most out of a good signage. Diwali is more of a family festival, and people tend to visit the eateries together, so even restaurant businesses can gain a lot from signages. Since there is a number of holidays on Diwali in most of the schools and offices, people intentionally plan their travels in this period. The travel agencies and holiday planners can also make the most out of this festival by getting their banners more lit and brighten up. All in all for various segments, Sign Board is of prime importance, and as we enter the festive and shopping season, retailers should consider relooking at their old signages and think of redoing them.

A sign board is the first means of advertisement with absolutely no cost of marketing. In comparison to OOH (Out of Home Advertising) the cost of installing and maintaining a sign is negligible. We invite retailers, sign designers,  marketing agencies to get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to share our expertise for their specific needs.

Let this Diwali be dedicated to a brighter tomorrow and flourishing commerce!