Signage for Hospitals : A sensitive approach

HCG Hospitals Sign Board, CIMS Hospital Sign Board
HCG Hospitals Sign Board, CIMS Hospital Sign Board

We usually enter hospitals in an unknown emergency and always emphasise on getting the work done faster. As soon as one opens the door, he/she wants to find the right room/ward in minimal time. During these urgent situations, signage plays a vital role in guiding you towards the right direction on the given time. Not just signages inside the hospital are helpful, but even hoarding signs that is installed on top of the building and other Outdoor Signs play a significant role. The brighter the hoarding of a location is, the easier people can locate it from a distance, which in case of hospitals is very necessary. Especially during emergency cases, when one doesn’t has time to look at a GPS to find a nearby hospital and is solely dependent on his immediate environment.

CIMS Hospital Sign Board
CIMS Hospital Sign Board” data-id=”2035

At Elite Signs we aim to make illuminating signs for organisations and help them in attaining a maximum number of eyeballs through our products. When we were asked to create goliath illuminated hoarding for internationally renowned high-end hospitals like CIMS Hospital, we knew that its more than just marketing products that we are creating. Signboards in healthcare industry work as a beacon of hope for many people and we knew our job here is to make signage that is easily visible to onlookers. CIMS which is a 300-bed capacity infirmary located in the posh locality called Science City Road in Ahmedabad is one of the biggest hospitals in the city. The terrace of the building has visibility from all four directions, three of which provide visibility from the dense SG Road. Thus it was decided to install three signs, covering the three main directions. The angle and font size decision were crucial; and after thorough site study and recce, the decisions were taken as follows :

Front Sign:-  Parallel to S.G.Highway

Background Size – 144′ x 16′

CIMS – 12′ in height / Blue Letters

HOSPITAL – 12′ in height / Red Letters

Side Sign:-  Facing Thaltej-Hebatpur Road

Background Size – 96′ x 12′

CIMS – 8′ in height / Blue Letters

HOSPITAL – 8′ in height / Red Letters

Side Sign:-  Facing Science City Road

Background Size – 96′ x 12′

CIMS – 8′ in height / Blue Letters

HOSPITAL – 8′ in height / Red Letters

Total Height of each structure: 31ft

All the three signs are of ‘Acrylic Face Glow Letters’ type display, that included consolidated fabrication of 4608 sq ft, making it amongst Gujarat’s largest illuminated sign installation. In all the three signage installations of CIMS, we made sure that they are placed in different positions and angles to reach maximum people. The colossal sign board is not only a symbol of hope now, but a statement of power too.

Sun Flower Women's Hospital sign Board
Sun Flower Women’s Hospital sign Board

We wanted the board to be visible in worst and best weather condition; thus we decided to have the hoarding texts fitted with LEDs that emits brighter illumination and consists bold letter design. The light emitting diodes inside the letters have been placed in a way to spread out a maximum light on the outer side of the display, and the wirings have been fixed dexterously for maximum protection from the environment and least exposure to an onlooker. We made sure that this particular signage is durable, legible and practical rather than being decorative and gaudy, because rationally, the job of a hospital hoarding is not to attract customers but to look like a trustworthy place, where people who are unwell can go to get cured and come out while adding more years to their life. The blue ‘CIMS’ and red ‘Hospital’ in the hoarding is not only bright at night but colourful and attractive during the daytime too.

Mayflowe Women's Hospital Sign Board, Sterling Hospital Sign Board, Devasya Kidney Hospital Sign Board
Mayflowe Women’s Hospital Sign Board, Sterling Hospital Sign Board, Devasya Kidney Hospital Sign Board

Elite Signs has been working with various other prestigious Healthcare institutions for their signage needs. Other recent installation was for HCG Cancer Speciality Hospital in Rajkot. Some of our earlier projects for major hospitals of the state are Mayflower Women’s Hospital, Rajasthan Hospitals, Sterling Hospital and Sunflower Women’s Hospital among others.